WHO WILL BE CALLED MOMMY? I was looking at other peoples post on Facebook and reading some tweets and realized that I have discovered what I consider one of the “cutest” dilemmas that Lesbians couples can have when realizing they are going to be new parents.  Which one of us will be called mommy? Well of course, the mom who carried the baby should respectfully be called “mommy”.  But that doesn’t minimize the importance of the other partner.  What should they be called?  Several things came to mind:  Mom, Meema, Mama, Mother, Other Mama, and Baby Mama….but seriously what do we do as parents when we have two mommies. I have wrestled with letting my baby call me “She-She”.  It is a term of endearment used by my nieces and my family.  It was actually started by one of my baby sisters when she couldn’t pronounce my real name and she came up with She-She and it stuck for all these years.  I almost melt every time one of my nieces call my nickname or when a new baby discovers that she can finally pronounce She-She.  Should I allow my child to call me that nickname too or do I deserve a more “Parent” name of “Mom”? I mean, I am going to be a mommy.  I might not have carried our baby to full term, but I was at every single fertility appointment and of course I help to pay the bills.  I felt the pangs of excitement during every two-week wait, and the pain of disappointment for every negative pregnancy test.  I sat with my partner during every insemination and held her hand during the most uncomfortable procedures just to help bring this special baby into the world.  This is a baby that we both want so much. Who am I?  Am I a mommy too?  Of course I am.  But what name do we use for me.  Whatever names the two of you agree upon as parents, should be decided together.  And as time goes along, the terms of endearment your baby calls you will become second nature.  You will answer at the same time, when the word “mommy” comes out of the baby’s mouth for the first time.  You know why? Because you’ll both be so excited to hear their first words and each one of you will want to claim “He/she is calling me, not you”, and you’ll laugh about it together. To me, it’s a wonderful dilemma to be burdened with when having a baby.  I don’t care what my baby calls me just as long as they know I am their mommy too.  And the love I will receive outweighs any name that could be given to me or my partner by a baby that only wants to be loved and hugged each and every day.


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