It’s very important, that when you’re going through the Fertility Specialist, that you understand the terminology of the various process you will be experiencing.

So here is a list of abbreviations and terms for you:

  • IVF                 –           In Vitro Fertilization
  • IUI                  –           Intrauterine Insemination
  • IVI                  –           Intravaginal Insemination
  • PCOS              –           Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • TTC                 –           Trying to Conceive
  • OPK                –           Ovulation Predictor
  • Trigger Shot    –       HCG Injection
  • U/S                 –           Ultrasound
  • HPT                 –           Home Pregnancy Test
  • HCG                 –           Human Chorionic Gonadotropm
  • CD                    –           Cycle Day
  • SA                    –           Semen Analysis
  • BBT                 –           Basal Body Temp
  • CCT                –           Clomid Challenge Test
  • DE                   –           Donor Egg
  • GIFT               –           Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer
  • DPO                –           Days Post Ovulation
  • FSH                 –           Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • LH                   –           Leutinizing Hormone
  • ZIFT                –          Zygote Intra-Fallopian Transfer
  • TESA              –           Testicular Sperm Aspiration
  • PCO                –           Polycystic Ovaries
  • OHSS              –          Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
  • OV                  –           Ovulation
  • M/C                 –          Miscarriage
  • LMP                –          Last Menstrual Period
  • HRT                –           Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • EC                   –           Egg Collection
  • EDD                –           Estimated Due Date
  • ENDO             –           Endometriosis
  • CM                  –           Cervical Mucus
  • DI                    –           Donor Insemination
  • 2WW               –          Two-week Wait
  • A/F                  –          Aunt Flo (your period)
  • ART                –           Assisted Reproductive Technique
  • BFP                 –           Big Fat Positive
  • FX                   –           Fingers Crossed

These are just some of the terms that will be used by various blogs and sometimes your Fertility doctor during your treatment process and during your attempts to conceive a child.  Doctors always talk in big terms, so ask plenty of questions and click on the terms above to get a better understanding of what they mean and what types of procedures you’ll be going through, on a month to month, basis until you have a successful pregnancy.

And the most important abbreviations they like to use are V/MC/D better know as Visa, MasterCard and Discovery.  Just thought I’d throw a little humor in there for you.  Please remember to keep it light, with a strong sense of humor, because this process can take an emotional toll on a couple and especially your partner who is being bombarded with hormones.  So stay strong, understanding and most importantly stay together.


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