WHEN A PREGNANCY ENDS TOO EARLY So many people will "ohhhhh" and "ahhhhhh" with you when you give them the news that you're expecting, but no one can prepare you for tremendous emotional toll you experience when a doctor tells you that your pregnancy has ended too early. No one can explain why. There is really no medical explanation but the term doctors have assigned this type of miscarriage is a Blighted Ovum. What is a Blighted Ovum?  Simple explanation is when the fertilized egg, that has implanted itself in the uterus, fails to keep growing. It just simply, disappears. Doctors have varying explanations and reasons why this happens but one thing they all seem to agree on is it can be the body's natural way of ending a pregnancy that could have resulted in a fetus with some type of serious abnormality.  Doctors think somewhere deep within the chromosomes of the developing fetus there is some type of abnormality and the body rejects the fetus. Now a Blighted Ovum is not a traditional miscarriage in the way we normally think of one. What actually happens is the fetus just dissolves but the sac remains in the body producing the HCG pregnancy hormone. The woman can continue to have pregnancy symptoms because the sac remains and the body is tricked into thinking it's still pregnant. Usually only through a vaginal ultrasound does the woman learn that the fetus is no longer there and has basically ceased to exist. After speaking to several friends and family, I've come to learn that this is quite a regular occurrence. My sister and two of my closest friends have experienced this type of loss themselves and statistically speaking 20-25% of pregnancies end early because of a Blighted Ovum.  The good news is that the likelihood of you having another one is a low as 4%. Once it is discovered that you've experienced a Blighted Ovum there are several options that you have in order to remove the remaining tissue that remains in the uterus.  First, you can allow to body to naturally process and remove the tissue itself, but if this doesn't happen in a timely manner you can run the risk of infection. Or you can take medication which will help you expel the remaining tissue however a woman may experience extreme cramping and uncomfortable symptoms. Finally you can have a procedure called a D & C (Dilation & Curettage) which is an outpatient procedure where a doctor dilates the cervix and goes in to scrape the inside of the uterus and remove any remaining tissue. Having a D & C is the easiest way for you to recover and the quickest way for you to get back to getting pregnant again. If you really want a detailed explanation as to why the pregnancy ended it is possible to have an autopsy performed on the removed tissue to get a better explanation of what happened. However this can be costly and in the end that might not give you the answers you may be seeking.   As a couple we have decided that some things just happen for a reason that we might not understand at the time it occurs and it's best to just move on and continue to try to have our baby through the process of future IUI's. I can tell you that no matter how early or late you lose a baby in a pregnancy, it is still heartbreaking. All of the dreams you've had and all the experiences you thought were coming just suddenly ended. It hurts and I hope to never experience this feeling again.      


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