Covering the Fertility Treatment Cost

Infertility therapy can be emotionally taxing and a financial burden. The cost of fertility medications can vary, depending on how much patience and what costs are involved. Some insurance plans will cover no infertility services, some pay for all of it and many cover partial infertility services. Factoring in the cost of the consultation visit, fertility medications, and fertility procedures should be taken in to consideration.

First, contact your insurance company and ask if fertility treatments are covered and at what percentage. Second, ask for a list of “in network” fertility specialist. Some third-party insurers provide infertility benefits, however coverage is not universal.  In some states, infertility coverage is mandated by law. Insurers usually limit treatment to a distinct number of attempts or place a cap for fertility care.

You can go to an “out of network” provider but the coinsurance will be higher. Third call the list of fertility specialist and ask what the consultation fee is. Some insurance companies do not pay for a consultation fee.

If insurance does not cover your fertility:

Many clinics offer shared risk programs that guarantee a baby. Some fertility centers offer programs that helps make the cost of IVF treatment convenient. With these programs, you pay a single, discounted fee for multiple IVF cycles in advance of treatment. Then, if you don’t have a baby, you receive a refund. These programs alleviate you have about the costs associated with IVF treatment and lets you commit to a course of treatment plan in order to increase your chance of success.

There are several companies that offer treatment loans.  The ARC Affordable Payment Plan, helps make infertility treatment reasonable; it provides an extended payment program for dividing the cost of treatment into manageable monthly payments. IntegraMed Financial Services also offers healthcare financing for any type of infertility treatment. Beware: The interest rates are usually pretty high and you might be paying for your child until you send him to college.

Fertile Dreams was established as a resource for those individuals without insurance for fertility treatment. The grant program, established in 2006, they will select individuals based on review of their application and financial need and grant a $10,000 award toward an IVF cycle at any program in the United States.

No matter what the cost, some couples will stop at nothing in order to conceive. Your local department of health may offer grants as well. Investigate all avenues of paying for fertility treatment before getting a second mortgage.


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