Sperm washing is a process which has been developed for lesbian couples who wish to have a child or where the male is HIV-positive and the female is HIV-negative. The procedure increases chances of fertilization and reduces the risk of HIV transmission to the female partner and subsequently the unborn child. Sperm washing rests on the premise that HIV infected material is carried primarily in the seminal fluid rather than in the sperm itself. The sperm washing technique involves purifying sperm from semen fluids.

Why choose washed sperm?

Most people think that the term “washed sperm” means to clean semen with some sort of cleaning process, but actually it turns out that it’s used  to ensure that only the healthiest sperm are used during the IUI or IVI procedure. Sperm washing increases your chances of conception and help you to welcome a new baby or babies to the family.

Sperm washing process?

The process of Sperm washing is a procedure used to prepare sperm for use in IUI. After a donor makes a deposit of sperm, the sample is tested to see how much sperm is in the ejaculate, its quality, and how well it does when frozen. This process allows sperm a better chance for survival long enough to greet and fertilize an egg. Sperm washing separates sperm cells from semen, helping to get eliminate dead or slow moving sperm. There are three different sperm washing procedures.

Basic sperm wash is a technique that takes about 20 to 40 minutes. A solution that contains antibiotics and protein supplements is added to the ejaculated sample. Then after being spun in a rotating device that spins rapidly, the semen is separated from the sperm. This makes the sperm concentrated for a better chance of fertilization.

Premium wash uses a special type of fluid while rotating the sample, in order to isolate and purify the motile sperm in order to achieve a sample with at least 90% motility. The most motile sperm get through to the bottom layer of the tube, leaving debris and weak sperm at the top. The sperm sample is then concentrated for use with artificial insemination. This one hour procedure is excellent for fresh or frozen samples.

Swim-Up technique takes about 2 hours to completely obtain a 90% motile sample. This technique uses sperm self-migrating abilities to obtain a sample. A substance is added to the sample in order to get sperm to swim upward into a container. However, men with low sperm count cannot have this procedure performed, as the sperm will have difficulty making the long journey.


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