If you’ve checked out on of the Sperm Banks we have listed on our site, you will see that buying the actual Sperm is an investment within itself.  Using this process is not for the cheap or frugal, if you get my drift.

So in order to increase our chances of having a successful insemination, we decided to consult a Fertility Specialist.  Now I’m not recommending any particular one, as we live in Florida.  But please consult your insurance company and see which specialist would be right for you and your situation.  One of the first things we wanted to make sure of when we were choosing a Fertility Doctor was that he or she was open-minded.  Not sure how many had worked with Gay couples, so we wanted to make sure we were getting someone who didn’t already have some sort of bias or prejudice against Gay People in general.  This was very important to us as a couple.  So when making calls to the various Fertility Specialist on our insurance’s list of approved doctors, one of the first questions we asked was, “Is this clinic or doctor open to treating gay couples”. And to our surprise, all of them said, “Yes”.

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The next thing we considered was how detailed and professional their website was in giving information on the types of medications they use, success rates and most importantly cost.  So when we got all that information, we made a decision to go with Florida Institute of Reproductive Medicine or F.I.R.M.  We decided to make a consultation to talk with a physician.

We met with the doctor and explained that we were here to increase our chances of having a successful insemination.  We wanted to avoid the hassle of trying to take the bodily temperature to see if my partner was ovulating.  We wanted to avoid having to count the days from the start of her period, to the days we “think” she may be ovulating.

Our doctor assured us that we had made the right decision.  He was not only going to use Ultrasound to tell us exactly how the follicles were maturing but also to help us with knowing when ovulation was taking place.  And by placing my partner on various medications, my partner would produce more than one egg, to increase our chance of having a successful insemination.  Now with this method you do run the risk of producing twins, but that was a risk we were willing to take.  Twins were ok with us.  Hey, you get it over with in one fail swoop.  No need to get pregnant again, huh?

Suffice to say, we were happy with what we were hearing and we made an appointment to start taking Clomid 50 mg on her first cycle and return to the doctor on day 12 after her period started.   Now granted you could just as easily use this procedure, using the one egg and woman produces every month.  But as I stated earlier, we wanted to up our chances of having a successful insemination.


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