Same-Sex Marriage in a Modern Society

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Same Sex Marriage in a Modern Society
By []Azaan Kamau

I remember back on March 7, 2000 when Californians voted yes on Proposition 22. This initiative was to prevent California from recognizing same sex marriage. The proposition stated California would legally recognize marriage between a male and a female. Back then, Conservative Republican Senator Peter Knight and a host of Conservative Christian groups were behind the initiative. Mr. Knight literally stripped law-abiding, tax paying citizens of their civil and human rights. His initiative removed the right to make sound choices that are conducive to our lives.

A few years back, we celebrated the courage of San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom and many other courageous leaders around the country. These leaders took a stand on same sex marriage simply because they felt it was right and just. This is the first time in history when so many cities and public officials have stood for what is right and what is moral. Because of this great courage, there are many same sex newlyweds! I am proud to say, this year I will be celebrating the two year anniversary of my own marriage!

In the midst of all the joy and celebrations, President Bush proposed a Federal Marriage Amendment to restrict the union of marriage to a male and female! This makes a loud statement to the World that same sex couples and their families will not be accepted or treated as equals in this country. This is blatant amplified discrimination.

There are many people and organizations that oppose same sex marriage. The main argument is that same sex unions will threaten and weaken the institution of traditional marriage. Same sex unions will supposedly destroy the family structure! Family structure? Again I am stocked that our country is being lied to and mislead.

In my opinion extramarital affairs and dishonesty weaken the institution of marriage. Bigamy, spousal abuse, child molestation have weakened the institution of marriage. Marriage for citizenship, fame, or sex has weakened the institution of marriage. Biblical interpretations and murder for insurance benefits have weakened the institution of marriage. Who wants to marry a millionaire! I could go on and on with examples of how America's values have not only weakened the institution of marriage, they have destroyed it! Same sex marriage has absolutely nothing to do with heterosexual marital dysfunction.

The traditional family has gone through an enormous transformation. The divorce rate continues to skyrocket, and the reality of unwed mothers has become the norm. Because of these facts, I would think this country has more important issues to tackle instead of restricting the basic right of marriage. Healthcare, social security, affordable housing for everyone and the national deficit need much more attention!

I clearly remember back on March 18, 2004, I attended a rally organized by the National Black Justice Coalition. The purpose of the rally was to challenge the Mayor of Los Angeles to formally fight the Federal Marriage Amendment. Politicians, religious leaders, activist and many organizations attended this historic event. We took a stand for what we believe is right and just. Our basic civil and equal rights.

What rights many ask? Some of those rights are the right to medical decision making for your partner when she can't, the right to family medical leave or inheritance. The right to make funeral arrangements is absolutely imperative!

There are many leaders who support these basic rights. One of those fearless warriors was Coretta Scott King. Mrs. King spoke out against the Federal Constitutional Amendment prohibiting same sex marriage. Mrs. King stated, Gay and lesbian people have families, their families should have legal protection, whether by marriage or civil union. A Constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriage is a form of gay bashing, and it would do nothing at all to protect traditional marriages.

By Mrs. King standing up for what is right, I pray that others will come forward and speak out against any form of prejudice or injustice.

Stand up for what you believe is right no matter the issue or cause. Be a part of your future and the future of your beliefs. Your words and actions will make a difference in changing the landscape of discrimination.

Proposition 8 or The California Marriage Protection Act has made it clear, the Proposition eliminates right of Same-Sex Couples to marry. The bottom line, marriage is a basic human right the every American should be allowed to enjoy.

"A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

Dr. Martin Luther King

Azaan Kamau

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