Diverse Families and School Curriculum

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Diverse Families and School Curriculum
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Patricia_Fioriello]Patricia Fioriello

The world is full of families which are culturally, ethnically and racially diverse. There are also diverse families like single-parent, multi-generational, LGBT and other families which prove to be challenging for teachers to meet the needs of all students efficiently. Teachers have a responsibility to open the learner's eyes to the world and it's diverse culture.

School performance related to home

Studies have shown that a student's performance and behavior in school is related to the kind of family a student lives in. Students from different families have particular strengths, as well as challenges. Teachers should always have the ability to build on the knowledge and information that a student gets in the classroom especially one which is created by their family and ancestors. Teachers should try to recognize the actual experience of the students and their families. They should also give families a lawful voice in their core curriculum and unit planning.

Teachers must balance high stakes accountability testing with the skills students need to endure, prosper and succeed at school. The more you know about the learner's diverse family, the more you will be able to teach them better. The teacher should also emphasize the various ways to embrace parents in the education practice and encourage learning at home.

Family diversity part of school curriculum

The success rate of a student largely depends on the curriculum designed for them by the teacher or school management.  While preparing these programs, a student's family structure should also be considered and included in a way that will be appropriate and easy to understand for all students in the classroom.

Family diversity must be a central component in teacher education programs. Teachers need to understand family structures, embrace diverse family values, demonstrate tolerance, and be prepared to reach families of all types. The objective of teacher education should be to emphasize the importance of the many ways to include parents in the learning process and promote learning at home. It is important that teachers of different subjects work jointly in association with the parents to write a curriculum for students to enhance their knowledge.

Also making students know the distinction between school and community settings may help them acquire proper learning for each situation.

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